craftsmen platen press

I’m working with a 6 1/2 X 10 Craftsmen press, and having trouble getting full contact when printing. Does anyone have any advice on adjusting the platen? Any direction would help.


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I’m only a beginner but I just finished leveling the platen of my Superior press, which I recently purchased. I think it is same model with yours.

I think you need to adjust top and bottom impression screws (total 4) on back of the platen. If the top impression is more than the bottom, only top part will print well.

Hope it’ll help.

Thanks - So, did you set up the chase and then just back off on the nuts until you had an even impression?

Comment for you: perhaps you need only insert some papers behind the tympan paper to act as spacers. The more paper you add, the closer the tympan to the inked letters. Hope that helps.
Question now for you: I’m refurbishing two Craftsman presses, both are Monarchs. Chase size is 9x12. May I ask where you buy parts for your presses? Thanks, Jack

I adjusted my platen during print test.
Try what jack51 says first though.
Good luck!

this answer for jack51.
I’m not sure it will help but try ‘letterpress’. if you’re live in MA, it’s good place to visit. he has website but that’s just for basic information. so call him. Even if he doesn’t have what you want, he’ll try to help you where to contact. he’s a very kind man.

Thank you both for the tips.

I adjusted it some more tonight, and had better luck - seems to have more to do with the overall balance than the amount of pressure..

Are manuals for these machines available anywhere?

I don’t have it either. if you find it please let me know.^^ I’m not sure your press is platen press or level press. my press is Superior(made by craftsmen Machinery co.) which has really simillar style with C&P pilot, so I often refer the information.
check this out. I found this info from Boxcar.
you can download manuals.