C&P Pilot grippers


We’re trying to move the grippers for the first time on our C&P Old Style Pilot. Does anyone know what kind and size of tool is needed? It looks like we need a square-shaped something, and it’s also very hard to reach in the space.

Thank you!

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It is a difficult spot to reach with a tool of any great length. I found a small wrench at a flea market which worked well for the heads on those square-head bolts.

Another option would be to take the bolts out and replace with an Allen-head (hex-head) set-screw available at most hardware purveyors. The ball-head hex wrenches allow reaching those screws from several angles, and might be an improvement.

If it proves to be a real pain you can also remove the gripper bar entirely and that way you’ll have easy access to the gripper screws.

Thanks—we’ll see what we can do!