value of Vandercook sp-20

I would like to sell mine only because it is in my family room when you walk in the door. It is in good condition, I have not used the rollers as I used it for monotype. What would be the best price I should expect to get?

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Vandercooks have been bringing some solid prices in the last few years because they are not as common as some of the platen presses out there like Heidelbergs and C&Ps. they are also great presses.
If it is in, as you say, good condition, you could expect $2,500-$3,500. In perfect shape they can go higher than $5,000, but some Vandercookers out there feel like some inflated prices have been circulating. Try to sell it at a fair price to someone who will enjoy and take care of it. The highest bidder is not necisarily the best owner.
Good luck