Doing Church pamphlets…any one have a paper recomendation?

I’m going to be letterpress printing and also digital printing some wedding pamphlets, and am looking for a nice sheet of paper 8.5” x 11” that will both print well on my C&P and also go through a standard inkjet. I know that cranes has a letterpress paper that is suitable for this but they don’t have it in ecru…the color that I need.
I’ve used paper sources “Luxe Cream” in the 160g and that was good, but pricey…
What i’m looking for is the kind of paper they used to make books with when they were letterpress printed.
Any suggestions?
Thanks so much!

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I’m a huge fan of Mohawk Superfine, both in the inkjet and on the press. You can order samples from the mill ( and small quantities ( The 80# text is nice, as you can fold it easily, and colors generally don’t bleed through to the back.

Good luck!

Cranes actually does offer thier letterpress specific “Lettra” line of paper in Ecru. We use it regularly in our shop, available in the cover weight, the double thick cover weight, and also in text weight, which sounds like what you are looking for. We get it in large parent sheets (26” x 40” i think).
It is not great on an ink jet, but it will work, and it letterpresses very well.
If you can’t get ahold of the lettra, try “Cranes Bond” in the “Ivory” color. It is pretty close to the Ecru color, and has a very nice finish for both processes.
good luck

natron- I do use lettra but it’s not made in a text weight in ecru, and the 110# is too thick for an inkjet. I just picked up some samples of neena and mohawk, so i’ll look through these. thanks for the tips!