Kluge 10x15 Auto feeder

I am looking to remove the automatic feeder from my Kluge 10x15. I am only going to be running short runs of 100-250 and would rather feed by hand. I am looking for some information on the best (correct way) to remove the feeder and all the parts that are not needed for this. Any information would be appreciated. Hopefully this makes sense.


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Please do not hand feed your kluge! It is really not timed for hand feeding…..you are looking at injury city if you do. It is very easy to set your press to automatically feed 100-250.

I need to ‘second’ that comment made by wildmh2000—-the Kluge Automatic is not set-up for hand-feed. The gripper bar is set to a cam with timing that snaps the grippers down very quickly, and the motor clutch doesn’t really allow for a speed slow enough for safe hand-feed. As if that weren’t enough, there is no feed table, so you have to jury-rig and feed/deliver from the same place—-basically, the delivery table cranked to the top! A very awkward set-up. A very dangerous idea. Officers at Brandtjen & Kluge would faint, if they were to read your note, because today they specifically do not want their machines used in hand-feeding. I had a knowledgeable Kluge repair guy work on my 10” x 15” last year, and he wouldn’t leave until he heard me promise that I wouldn’t attempt hand-feeding—-then he had me sign a hand-written note saying the same. I’d just fix the feeder.

Thanks for the info. I will rethink my options. I appreciate your concern and will use the feeder. Since it is working fine anyway, I was just thinking it would be easier for me. After hearing both of you I am positive that I will be using the feeder. Thanks again.

don’t put your hands where machine is made to go.
the kluge feeder is very easy to set up. you might want to look at some of the vac pump rebuild kits on ebay. but in good shape, you should be able to feed anything from corrugated board down to wedding napkins with no prob. even at 100 sheets, you will be safer and,,,, faster.
on a bet (for a fine steak) i fed, crushed, and ejected, not delivered, alum soda cans for my boss… on a 12-18.. (the steak was great, i took his daughter.)