Windmill 10x15 central oiling system trouble

I just purchased a 1965 windmill that had been sitting for many years(at least 5). I’m concerned about the lack of backpressure when I pump the central oiling system handle. I’m afraid to run it for now.

I have poured a much oil as I can into the “spout” (I probably added 15-20 oz), but the system doesn’t “pressurize”, i.e., very little backpressure(I can feel a “spring”, but no hydraulic pressure- even after 50, 60, 70 pumps. When I disconnect one of the copper lines at the fitting, oil is visible, but not coming out when I pump. The oil level (as measured in the spout) does not get lower, as I pump.

I’m comparing the lack of pressure to other windmills I have run. Do windmills lose their prime if they have been sitting in storage for a long period?

Any suggestions on how to prime, or anything else I should check?

Thank you.

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Check the oil containers above the toggle lever bearing they should be full of oil.They can be found by opening the back door of the press.These containers are red with lids.

Hello, Drain your tank and put in really thin oil and then pump and pump to try to get the air out of the lines. Thin oil lets the air pass by easier…..john