Rubber stamp type

While going through an old letterpress cabinet I found two drawers named “Rubber Stamp Type”.
They do not seem to be foundry type and are a dull gray color.
Can anybody tell me exactly what I have, and is there any use for it today?

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My guess would be that this is type cast in a zinc alloy (“pot metal”) — a harder, more temperature-resistant material, better than lead alloy for withstanding the heat and pressure required for forming a traditional rubber stamp matrix. I don’t know how many people are still making rubber stamps that way today, but if it is a harder-than-typemetal alloy, the type is good for hot foil stamping as well. What sizes and faces do you have?


The ‘rubber stamp type’ tagline was used by Stephenson Blake in the Mazak line. It has been in the American Printing Equipment catalog, and no doubt many others.