Homemade exposure unit

We are looking at making our own exposure unit for polymer plates. We have gotten as far as the lighting unit. Has anyone made there own exposure unit? If so specifically what type of bulbs did you use?
Also if anyone has purchased a polymer platemaker have you replaced the bulbs if so what type of bulbs have you replaced them with?

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I think the fellow from It’s Fancy Letterpress made his own exposure unit and posted a video to YouTube. See if you can find it by searching for ‘It’s Fancy Letterpress’.

Good luck!


I’m using Philips Actinic BL bulbs in a box I made. They came from bulbs.com.

Thank you so much for your help. We have actually got it up and running. Our next step is to get a vacuum pump. We were using an actual vacuum cleaner. You can imagine how much trouble that caused. So now I need to know what type of pump to buy and what PSI I should be looking for.