C&P roller vibrator, any photos?

Does any one have a roller vibrator on a c&p 8x12? (or similar) If so can you post a photo of it so I know what im looking for?


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I will have to take a picture for you. Basically it is a bar that sits in the groove between the top two rollers that helps to even out the ink.

I have one but rarely use it.


I would love to see photos of it!
Is it metal?


There were several different brands of add-on distributors for the C&P, all metal. They might attach between the top two rollers or the bottom two rollers. Leonard Mollberg has shown how to make a rider roller (not an oscillator) from a rubber roller, and how to affix it to the upper saddles:

I know this is an old post, but I am new to letterpress and interested in all aspects of my C & P 10 X 15 (OS). What are the advantages of the pyramid roller? Ink distribution?

They do aid distribution, but also break up ghost images (which can be a big problem with photopolymer plates) and also add a little extra ink capacity. And if you are using the fountain, they distribute the “stripe” before it gets to the form.