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Well we hit the 50 hour remaining mark....28 Sep
Every once in a while I remember to...28 Sep
Gerald, I like your comment about...19 Sep
I have made over 200 plates with my set...19 Sep
Ya the electric scares me on the...18 Sep
I use a nuarc flip top platemaker for...18 Sep
Don't print when you are tired!17 Sep
I have had the same problem and it was...17 Sep
Thanks Gerald. If this project funds...17 Sep
Thanks for your insights winking cat...14 Sep
Gerald, Your a lucky man! Glad you...14 Sep
todd - thank you. enriquevw -Love...13 Sep
This is more of a critique so take it...13 Jul
WOW! You have a bit of adventure in...24 Jun
I guess that my supplier only had...24 Jun
Waldrick- I stand corrected. I have...23 Jun
I just opened up the press' side box to...23 Jun
Looks like you are on proof 1. I...23 Jun
Casey, Thanks for your post! Too...23 Jun
Well the Universal III is safely home...23 Jun
Thanks Bob. Yes there are 2 motors on...23 Jun
On some of those metallic stocks you...22 Jun
I would estimate 1500 lbs. 21 Jun
I like the wedding invite. There are a...19 Jun
Hugo good point. I was not thinking of...16 Jun
Sounds like you need to try some Morgan...14 Jun
I have done a lot of die cutting on my...14 Jun
Sounds like a drying problem. Are your...14 Jun
I will double check the generator to...8 Jun
I home expose and hand wash out plates...6 Jun
dcrnkovic - CGI? Where? You have been...6 Jun
Put a want ad out in your area on...3 Jun
I have loaded my 10x15 and my 8 x 10 by...2 Jun
Make sure that your lift will take the...2 Jun
Keep your eyes and ears open and talk...2 Jun
Here are some things to chew on. I had...2 Jun
I am trying to get the presses out of...1 Jun
Glad it worked out! 24 May
Ke Francis Thanks for the info! I will...23 May