My letterpress website + first “real” job

I figured I might as well post it here to get some feedback. It just went up so there may be some issues. Hopefully not too many.

Also, I just completed my first official paying job (aside from making stuff randomly and selling it). It was a 3-panel wedding program. The client was very specific about the typeface used for the body text, which I would not have chosen myself. They also chose the color. All in all it’s a very simple design, but it gave me my first experience working on a large platen press (10x15) and it came out as well as I could have hoped. Have a look:

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There’s a Black Heart letterpress in my neighborhood too.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Congrats, Megahurt. You’re doing great stuff & making tremendous progress. Keep building on your success.

Nice work Megahurt, it looks great! I’m sure the client was very happy with the end result. I love your ‘Onwards and Upwards’ print by the way! :)

Good stuff! Congratulations :) hey.. how come your flickr doesn’t let me add comments? I want to ask you about your wooden base.

Hmm, I’m not sure why.

But the wooden base is a “Chase Base” made by Alan at Excelsior Press ( It fits into the small press without the use of a chase and gives a larger area to work with plates on the small platen presses. It’s pretty cool.

nice looking work. the invitation is lovely. and your website has a very professional look. congratulations.

Very impressive on every front.
Great work.

I like the wedding invite. There are a lot of wordpress themes out there. You chose one that works well.

Hi Megahurt - what cart are you using for your site? Thanks!

It’s just built on the WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart plug-in. With some customizations between the plug and the theme.