Stardreams paper

I am looking for the best ink to print on Stardreams paper, should I use oil base or rubber base ink for the best results? Never printed on this paper before and would like some advice.

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On some of those metallic stocks you would be better off with a rubber based ink. The oil based will usually take and extended amount of time to dry/oxidize. Or just not dry at all.

If you are just printing black go get some Tough Tex from Van Sons. Clean it up off the press as soon as you get through printing. It can be very difficult to remove once dried.

Thank You Its Fancy, I have Rubber base and will try that.

I printed three project last year using Van son rubber base ink in colors which I mixed. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly it dried.
You will have no problem.Steve V.

Ted, If I can suggest a correction to the above - Oil based inks dry faster and are more suitable for printing on coated or non porous surfaces like metallic sheets. Rubber base is best suited for porous stocks because it dries by absorbtion. Rubber base inks will stay open longer on non porous surfaces therefore lending itself to longer drying times. Notice that oil base inks skin in the can in a matter of hours (minutes for tough tex) and rubber base inks take months to skin. That being said, both kinds of ink print fine, you just have to keep in mind the rules above.

Surprisingly, more and more designers are requesting letterpress on metallic papers, and I have to say I love the results. Just like a candy apple color pops on a car, printing a transparent color over a metallic causes a stunning reaction. It also takes kiss as well as heavy impression perfectly.
Good Luck!

Waldrick- I stand corrected. I have used metallic papers but it was so long ago that mixed things up in my mind. Thank you for the clarification.

Tough Tex will work and dry super fast but it is only available in black.

Going through a box today I did find a dryer additive that I remember using a drop or two of when I did the metallic paper job to aid id drying time. It has been a couple of years and I had forgotten about the project but I printed a silver tinted gloss varnish on a metallic stock that turned out quite nice once dry.

Van Son Tough Tex Inks are available in a good range of standard PMS colors as would be required to mix whatever colors you might need. Perhaps the supplier Its Fancy deals with only stocks the black.

I guess that my supplier only had black. Odd for an xpedx store in downtown Kansas City. I didn’t think to ask about other colors because it was hard enough getting them to order in more oil based Vansons as it was. Again, thanks for the clarification.

I will stop advising about ink now and just listen.

Thank You everyone for your help. Bill, I went with your suggestion of oil base, worked great! dried in 24 hours no problem, and as you said it took the print beautifully. once again thank you!


Good work Ted.
Its Fancy - Sounds par for the course for an Xpedx. They’re closing them down left and right in my area.
By the way, are you the guy that printed up those awesome hot rod posters I saw on the HAMB a while back?