Little Giant - Need information

This press is a mystery to me is there anywhere I can get more information on them?

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What information are you looking for? There is a manual in PDF form available at:

RAD!!! Thanks! I just printed it to study up.

I need to figure out how to break one apart get it out of a basement and get it back together again.

The second thing is finding where to get new rollers + cores. I emailed NA graphics to see if it was something I could special order from them or not.



I’ll bet the press came in the basement in one piece. If not absolutely necessary, I would recommend you not disassemble it. It certainly is possible, but not the easiest task in the world. Much of the weight is in the frame which is heavy. I don’t believe the size will be significantly reduced by removing parts, and the timing is very critical to successful operation.

When going up stairs, be aware that these presses have a tendency to collect oil in the base, which when tipped, will leak out and make a slippery mess. Try to absorb it before moving.

When the time comes, let me know I have many extra roller cores for the Little Giant Model 6, as well as a stockpile of extra parts, some of which I could sell or trade.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

Well when I was there we measured the basement door and the stairway going out and it is just shy of 33 inches. The house it is in is 100 years old. At the presses widest point with a hair of breathing room I believe it was 37. W/O the roller rack I might be able to get it to around 35”. Even with the basement door and jam removed I don’t think pulling it out in one piece is an option.

There was oil and that will be soaked up. The base is the last thing to go up the stairs because I want it to be the first thing off the trailer for the rebuild.

I will post an image later tonight of the press.

john - if it truly is a #6 I will give you a holler to see what kinds of parts you have. I think it is just missing the rollers -all of them :(


Hi Cody, give Joe at The Roller Source a call about the rollers 440-748-4033.
p.s. I love the clips on youtube. They helped convince me to buy my C&P oldstyle.

Eric - thanks for the number. If you have a C&P you should find a copy of Platen Press Operation by George J Mills. It will fill in gaps I skipped over. Like make ready (that is kind of a big deal when running a job!)


and here is an image if someone who knows the Little Giant press pictured let me know what model it is.

image: LG-press-2.jpg


image: LG-press.jpg


Yes, Cody, it is a Model 6 Little Giant.

Removing the back cover with its roller rack will certainly reduce the width. You may be able to remoive the handwheels and get it to fit. Measure carefully and remove only what is absolutely necessary.

I have a complete set of roller cores which I could provide when the time comes.

I just had one roller recovered by SI Industries in Plymouth, MN, and they did a wonderful job. Their web address is

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

Thanks John! Good to know the model number. That helps out a ton. I have been going over the users manual I downloaded to learn all I can.

I will have to go over and remeasure the door and the press to see if the hand wheels and back cover will give me the appropriate clearance. I might have to convince him to let me take the door and frame out.

I have a set of cores for that Little Giant, they are in a wooden shipping crate.

Advise, questa


Saw your comments in Briar. The Little Giant was my first new press I purchased after the WWII. Never forget that day!

I say that this machine in your photo is a Model 5.

What is your serial number of press?


And I’d also say it is a Model 5. The Model 6 had metal panels on the sides (with vent holes near the motor), not the solid external frame you see on this press.
The Model 5 sales brochure says it is 34” wide. (Model 6 book also says 34”, 37” with roller rack.)
It will be a problem if you don’t have the metal distributor rollers or can’t find some. You’ll also need the fiber gears that drive them.

Another thing—the main source for Little Giant parts, after ATF, was Jack L. Popkin Co. in NYC. They are still in business somewhere selling Ryobi offset parts, and don’t service Little Giants at all. But I heard they still have LG stuff in storage. I wonder how it could be made worth their while, or if anybody is still there who remembers something about Little Giants?

Great find. Good luck in getting it out. We’ve got one at the shop we use all the time. Prolly a 6 from the other descriptions. If there’s anything you need me to check for ya let me know.

image: DCP_0603.jpg


I concur on SI industries. They did an excellent job on my Nolan proof press impression roller. It was somewhat complex.

Thanks for all of the input. The current economy made it impossible to pick this up. Hopefully it will sit where it is at till I can reacquire the money to purchase.


I fear the same thing is going to happen to our if the economy continues. I’ve told the owners I want to make a deal to preserve all the letterpress items they have in the shop but I don’t think realistically I’ll be able to afford it in the end.