Ram Truck TV Ad

What do you think about the recent Ram Truck TV ads showing letterpress equipment? I could identify many of the things, even though the clips were very brief.
Anyone know where this was filmed?


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For those of us without televisions, it is presently on youtube:


There are detail shots of a Linotype in operation and of a Ludlow stick.

David M.

I was awaiting for this to show up here. Looks like an awful lot of cgi time went into this one. At my day job I teach fiction to college students. Fiction is entertaining. I guess that holds for tv adverts, too.


P.S. Pretty messy shop. And the “ink” doesn’t look very impressive.

I would have expected an ironworker building a skyscraper or something of the like over a pressman, but it’s kind of neat to see our work ‘glorified’…. except for the fact that the print would be a mirrored image of what they are ‘printing’ and the oil slick they’re using as an ‘ink’.

A more relevant connection should be the truck MOVING letterpress equipment.

Got a screen grab of the equipment: http://d.pr/Mi2G

and one of the lockup: http://d.pr/i1LE

Over on the LETPRESS list, it surfaced that the ad was filmed at the International Printing Museum in California. They’ve posted some “making of” video at:


and some stills at:


David M. MacMillan

did none of you guys notice the most glaring error in the ads? The type is not reversed.

Winking cat, that’s how they print in California. Dick G.

dcrnkovic - CGI? Where? You have been watching too much fiction. Put down the book and pick up a camera. Canon for example has made some incredible strides with adding video into their dslr’s. The 7D shoots up to 60 fps so you can get they really cool macro shots and slow motion stuff.

dickg - that’s funny. I’m with winking cat on the non-reversed type issue. Problem is without print experience you would not know the difference.

I find it very interesting that Dodge has used the end tag in this ad for the end tag in other current ads.
Most people don’t really know what they are looking at, except that it has a rugged industrial look.
Of course it would have been dumb to have the type reversed and correct…only letterpress printers could read it.

I beg to differ with some of you. The type is reversed or flopped. The opposite from the way it would look as hand set so it will be legible to the reader. Simply matter when you take a photo or movie and edit it.