Help in selling of letterpress equipment

My father retired from newspapers and printing a few years ago. He is now attempting to see if anyone would be interested in the mothballed printing equipment and type. He originally was hoping to create a printing museum; but he is no longer pursuing this. He has two or three Chandler & price presses, two Linotype machines, (some of which did work until they were too costly to use; with the use of offset). The presses did run, but have no rollers to speak of. They have rotted away years ago. He also has many cabinets of type; both metal and wood.
If anyone could help “point us the right direction” on what to do, please respond.

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Well the first question is: where are you located?

I’m located in Victoria Texas

hi there,

i’m potentially interested in purchasing equipment, though i have a limited budget and i live in sedona, arizona.

i would be interesed in the metal and wood type especially.

thank you!

I was a printer’s devil on the Victoria Advocate in the mid-1940s. Would any of your materials or equipment come from the Advocate?

I am setting up a fine art printmaking facility for West Texas A&M in Amarillo and we need letter press equipment. I am very interested in talking to you. Please contact me at [email protected]

We would be willing to dedicate the equipment in your fathers name as part of our program. I can be reached at 602-295-9426.