im hoping someone can help me out. i am looking at leasing studio space and need to make sure the door openings can fit a 10x15 C&P. i only have 8x12’s right now and i can not measure the physical dimensions of a 10x15.

can someone please tell me what the physical dimensions are as well as possibly the size if the flywheel is taken off? the doors are narrow and i need to make sure i can get new presses in the shop!

thank you in advance

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The C&P Old style 10x15 has the following data:

floor space 53”x43”

space through which press will pass assembled: 43”
partially assembled: 31.5”
unassembled: 21”

center of flywheel to floor: 23-3/16”
face and diameter of driving pulley: 2.5” x 13.5”
width of driving belt 2”

revolutions per impression: 6

maximum impressions per hour: 2300

minimum motor 0.25hp

boxed weight 1800 lbs

Source: 1912 ATF Catalog

exactly what i was looking for alan.
thank you very much

I got a New Style 10X15 through a 38” doorway.