C&P 7 x 11 trucks

A 7 x 11 C&P old style followed me home this weekend.

I am having trouble sourcing truck options. I can get rollers from Fritz at NAGraphics but didn’t see 7 x 11 trucks listed.

I have always preferred adjustable roller trucks but that is probably too much to ask for on this press. Looking for a source that can make a couple sets of solid trucks so I don’t have to worry about them again.

If anyone has someone they would recommend I would appreciate it.


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Todd’s Press Time could probably make both the trucks and the rollers. What I’d like to know is the proper diameter of the trucks. I’ve got two 7 x 11s and none of the five trucks I have are the same size. Fritz thinks that 7 x 11 rollers are the same size as 8 x 12s but they’re not.

Ditto what John said. The 7 x 11 we have had several size trucks and one was even taped. Rollers were 1 3/8” but old so I don’t know if that is correct either.


Was the 1 7/16” truck diameter not right? The 7x11 I have is very old (1887) and has a slightly different design than newer 7x11 models. The frame is far more Gordon-like in the lack of an inner bracket.

What’s your email address these days? The leadstacker info I have is coming back as undeliverable.


I had the original cores for my circa 1873 7x11 Gordon Old Style, but no trucks. David Hauser at Tarheel Rollers cast two beautiful composition rollers for me and manufactured new steel trucks for them. They work perfectly. I took some measurements, and although Brad said his were 1 7/16” in diameter, I believe mine are a full 1 1/2”. I took some photos of the trucks and added the various measurements to the photos. David told me he maintains dimensions for every roller and truck he manufactures, so he should have info on your press and could confirm the diameter. His website is http://www.tarheelroller.com and his e-mail is [email protected]. Phone is 336-766-9823.


image: Trucks_for_7x11 Gordon_Old_Style.jpg

Trucks_for_7x11 Gordon_Old_Style.jpg

We have a C&P 7x11 press. I don’t know its age (s/n 2867), but we have always used Morgan expansion trucks with our rollers.


As long as the trucks’ diameter matches the rollers’ diameter, the trucks and rollers don’t hit each other in the hooks, and nothing binds or strikes, does it really matter what the original trucks were like? For that matter, I seem to remember that composition rollers were regularly slightly larger than the trucks to get good inking. If you have modern rollers made to original roller diameter spec, the original trucks would be slightly too small anyway. And a final thought would be that the rollers should be the absolute largest they can be without binding or sticking to minimize ghosting on large formes. If 8 x 12 truck and roller diameter works on a 7 x 11, run with it.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

On my working 7 x 11, the trucks and rollers are 1 7/16” diameter. This appears to be about 1/16” too large as I have to run roller bearers in my forms to keep the rollers from inking the counters and shoulders of the type! 1 1/2” diameter rollers (like for an 8 x 12) would absolutely NOT work. So, it looks like I’m gonna have to order rollers that are are 1 3/8” diameter.
The core diameter on my 7 x 11 rollers is 3/8” and 8 x 12s use a core diameter of 7/16”