Challenge proof press?

Its a horrible pic but but can anyone identify this press? I’m going to go look at it but was wondering if its worth $500? Ad says its a Challenge proof Press, style 15KP.

image: Proof.jpg


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Looks like it. Rollers are there which is good. See if the motor turns on. I ran one in at Texas A&M University-Commerce but it didn’t have rollers. Start at $250 since you still have to move it and up to $500.


I think the 15KP was Challenge’s answer to the Vandercook SP15 and intended for the same use and market. Depending on condition it could be an excellent press for the kind of work many printers are doing with Vandys.


Judging solely from the bad pic it does look a lot like the Vandercook SP15. I spoke with the seller and I’m going top take a look at it. It sounds like the shop its in is close by and has a loading dock.

I believe it was the M series Challenge proof presses that were a response to the Vandercook Simple Precision (SP) models.

This press looks good—certainly worth $500 if it’s in good shape.


The Challenge 15MP was similar to the SP15, however I heard the 15MP came first.

The KP series bed moves under the feedboard. The operator is stationary at the feed table. There are two pedals one is the gripper and the other raises the Cylinder when cranking back over the form so not to ink the tympan.


Any idea what this beast weighs? The garage where it sits is a foot or so DOWN from the roadway. There is a railway well of sorts out side the door about two feet deep. I would need to lift the press up that foot to get it out.

Any idea how much it weighs?

Has anyone had to lift one before?

Can you loop straps under the stand and lift it without crushing the base?

I would estimate 1500 lbs.

I got the beast home!

We used an engine hoist to lift it out of the shop and onto a trailer. It took 7 hours start to finish but most of that was tracking down a trailer to rent. $100 in supplies and equipment and a day of being dirty and tired and its home!