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I currently run a small invitation and stationery design business out of my home, but am looking to expand into providing my own letterpress line of invitations and custom stationery products. I have no letterpress experience and have not purchased a letterpress or any other equipment as of yet. I am looking for suggestions for what presses would be most ideal for my needs. I figure that a larger tabletop press would be the best way to go, but I’m not really sure. Any guidance regarding what press would be best, where to find one, etc., would be greatly appreciated. I am located in the Dallas, Texas area and am also interested in attending some type of official training prior to purchasing a letterpress or any other equipment as well, so I would love any suggestions / recommendations for training available in my area as well. Thank you in advance for your comments and assistance.

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Also, I would love any recommendations on literature or online resources on getting started with letterpress. Thank you!

Try reading Green Dolphin’s letterpress faqs:

and David Rose’s Intro to letterpress:

This should give you lots of good book recs and an overview of what presses will be right for you.

Searching the Briar Press discussion archives or the letpress listserv archives would also be helpful.

You may want to check out the Craft Guild in Dallas, they offer classes on hand setting type and I believe they use a table top press.

When you say, “attending some type of official training”, what are your needs? What do you want to take away from the teaching? Do you need specific information on creating stationery and invitations? Do you plan on hand setting type or using photopolymer?

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Well, I have not worked with a letterpress at all and want to train underneath someone to learn how to operate it and to generally learn more about the trade. My emphasis will be creating invitations and other specialty stationery items, so of course, I would like to focus on that field as much as possible. In regards to using hand setting type or photopolymer, I am not sure, but I tend to think the photopolymer might be better for my needs. That is kind of where I need help as well, deciding what would be the best press for the items I will be making. I would prefer a tabletop press due to space constraints and would like to purchase one within the next 3 - 6 months, so that is kind of where I am at right now….just not sure what to do next to get things rolling. :)

Oh, and I did check out the information on the class at the craft guild previously, but unfortunately the classes are on Monday evenings and I really need something on the weekends due to my schedule.

Did you get my email I sent a week ago about letterpress classes?


Hi Charlotte,

I can’t provide you with help, sorry. BUT I am super interested in your services. I love the look of letterpress invitations but they are super expensive. I am hoping to find someone who is passionate but just starting and (cross my fingers) will not charge me an arm and a leg. If you are interested in trying you NEW skills for my wedding PLEASE let me know i am willing to pay for your services.

Hi, cbrodt30—
I’m a journeyman press operator and have just set up a
little web site of tips at hevanet.com/ashiogi. Maybe it’ll
help someone. The only bug is that the menu doesn’t seem
to show on some versions of Internet Explorer; I don’t know
yet what the problem is. It’s best to work with someone
in your area who has some experience. Good Luck!
Brian Donnell

Casey —- yes, I did receive your email about the classes and am very interested. I just need to find the time to schedule! Could you email me some upcoming dates that you might have available?