Austin / Central Texas training?

I’m looking for letterpress training in the central Texas area. I’ve contacted Flatbed Press, but they no longer offer letterpress. I’ve also tried a few other studio and commercial printers in town with no luck. Any letterpress folks out there have an alternate idea? I’d love to train locally…thanks.


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If you ever get up to Mckinney, TX which is just north of Dallas, I’d be happy to give you a few classes.



Just curious, did you ever find any training closer to Austin? did you take Casey up on his offer and go to Mckinney. I’m looking for some instruction in the Austin area as well and am having some trouble finding it. Flatbed told me at one point that they were going to offer classes and then hourly rental on a letterpress, but the next time I contacted them, they said they were no longer offering that class.



Unfortunately there don’t seem to be many full-fledged shops in Austin. Slugfest and Flatbed both have letterpress/gallery proof presses, but they’re actually used more for woodcuts and linocuts. Neither have type or cuts for you to use.

There are a few private presses that you might be able to make friends with, and they’re listed online. It’s really sad that there’s not an open shop here in Austin, but it’s something that I’m looking into starting up eventually.

I’ve been trained on a hand-press (Kelsey) and on a new style C&P, and would be glad to offer tips in person in the Austin area, but if you really want to learn about letterpress on your own pace, you should consider buying “Letterpress Printing: A manual for modern fine press printers” by Paul Maravelas. It’s full of practical and technical advice for both beginners and old hands.

Thanks for the advice Vroooom.