Best Way to Lift a C&P Press??

I know that “best” depends on who you are and what your priorities and skill level are, but I was wondering the best way to lift my OS 12x18 C&P. It is currently on skids, but one is severely cracked, so I would like to replace them with 4x4’s. What is the best way to lift this heavy press so that I can accomplish this, keeping in mind ease, safety, and cost?

Thanks, Bill

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Briefly: I’d suggest using an automotive-style hydraulic floor jack - then put a custom made wooden skid under it so you can move it around with a pallet jack. Automotive floor jacks typically handle over a ton or so, and I just bought a new one for just over $80. You should be able to rent them too.

One pallet jack on each side of the press and a few 2x4s (or a couple of 2x6s) running under the press. Put some scrap wood on the pallet jacks to build up to the right height. Crank the pallet jacks and you should be able to lift the press off the floor with no problem.

Make sure to have your new pallet assembled beforehand and use the new pallet to push the old skids out of the way… the old is pushed out by the new being pushed in. Keep your hands out from under the press.

Use these directions at your own risk.

A jackson bar worked great to move my presses.

I think it’s called a Johnson bar … about five or six feet long with a wedge-shaped end. It’s made long and heavy for good leverage.

I slowly jacked mine up with a standard car jack and 2 x 4’s once high enough I slid the 4 x 4 under one side and used large lag screws to bold it down.

very carefully…

seriously, i think a floor jack or a pallet jack would work just fine… we replaced the ‘pallet aka old piece of flooring’ from underneath our 8x12 ns with a pallet jack, brute strength (not mine), and some patience.