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Hammond did make a bench-top model. It...6 Sep
Hammond Gliders or Trim-O-Saws are the...5 Sep
Looks like a “New Style” Gordon -...28 Aug
Frank - not in any of my US specimen...9 Jul
I'll second that second - John Barrett...26 May
It might be less expensive overall to...21 May
Bob - your BFG illustration shows a...9 May
Lovely press, but not a C&P - it's an...7 May
You don’t mention where you are - US...6 May
Get a quote from a car mover - a...3 May
If your roller trucks are turning, the...28 Apr
I’ve nursed my C&P composition...14 Apr
First off, narrow the field - is it...14 Apr
#3 is a “Miles Nervine” proofing...13 Mar
Plain old 30W non-detergent motor oil...23 Feb
The 8x12 and 10x15 apparently used the...9 Feb
To my ears, this sounds more like a...2 Feb
A tool sharpening service should be...27 Nov
I have a 317 as well, and this is a...22 Sep
Fritz, My order arrived yesterday -...5 Aug
Larry - just for the sake of our...14 Jul
If you offered them to printers at...13 Jul
Look for bearing surfaces - hubs and...26 Jun
Assuming your trucks are the correct...9 May
Hi Fritz - spring has been tough this...9 Apr
If you melt it, it’s only worth the...21 Feb
Well, *I* didn’t know that, nor was I...25 Jan
typenut FYI- Gane Brothers was sold...25 Jan
A press "kit" like this should cost...9 Sep
If you have adjustable rails, why would...4 Jul
Totally absurd price, unless you're an...12 Jun
There should be a ton of old...11 Jun
ASP (antique store price) could be $500...8 Jun
28 May
28 May
Also, a Craftsman press adjusts a heck...28 May
After you buy McGrew’s, the next best...12 May
"Shadow" ATF N0. 589, c. 193411 May
"Politics and Religion are the third...25 Apr
These are gripper finger *extenders* -...20 Apr