Eric, Hanna, et al,
a friend posted an Albion press for sale on the Briarprss Classifieds and could not upload his photo. Today I am trying to upload photos to a classified ad and I get a spinning progress bar. I’ve made sure the file name does not have spaces or symbols. Had something changed?
Steve Varvaro

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Hi, Steve!

Can you tell me what the image file format is (.jpeg, .png, bmp, etc)?

This is definitely on the list of things to address as we repair the website. Thanks for reaching out!


They are jpeg, I’ve saved them at the lowest resolution I could. I am going to try and attach on here.
I also am on a hold as it says I have 3 classified’s pending but they were all attempts at the same ad.
Just tried, to ad photo to this post. (this is new text only post)
the other is frozen, just continuous candy cane progress bar.
Steve Varvaro

Thanks for letting me know. This is really helpful as we work toward repairing the site so that we can target this issue. Can you give me the following details?

What operating system are you using? Mac or PC?
What browser are you using to access

Finally, can you email your images to [email protected]? That will help us identify where the problem is coming from.

Try using a different browser, I’ve been unable to upload on Chrome, and would not be surprised if there are others with issues as well.

I’m guessing you’re aware that some MS Windows system versions have trouble with .PNG files. Don’t know if there’s anything that can be done, except to batch convert all uploaded images to .JPGs - even if possible, not a good fix.