Submiting ‘prop cards’

How do I submit examples of ‘prop cards’? I’ve just registered my press name, the Egremont Press, but cannot find instructions on submitting these prop cards.

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You should have received an email giving the address already. They don’t publish the address, so you need to register and then check your email.

I just checked and I don’t see an unconfirmed entry for the egremont press. I don’t remember if I had to wait for it to appear when I registered.

All the best.

Dear Zwack, Many thanks for this helpful reply - the Briarpress email has just arrived and I now know what I’m doing - a rare occasion for me! Regards, Gordon

Have registered my press name, Dharma Pine Editions, but have yet to receive the e-mail about where to send my prop cards. Thanks.

The folks running the site are severely backlogged. Please be patient - it may take a while. Meanwhile, welcome!