Vandercook no. 3

Hi everyone,

I took a class using a Vandercook 4 and am considering buying a Vandercook 3 that is for sale. Can anyone chime in on the similarities/differences to these two presses? Also, if buying the press from someone who hasn’t used it, from the pictures what are some obvious parts I might look at as a possibility for repair/replacement? I will primarily be using this press with photopolymer plates and working on small runs such as notecards, invitations, etc. Thank you for your help!

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Check this page for more info.

Did you ink it up and print? If at all possible that would be a start to make sure it’s functioning properly. You will find out if it needs work done on the press. If you find you need parts then talk with Fritz at NA Graphics.

One of the most noticable differences between the 3 and the 4 is that there is no ink drive motor on the 3. Instead, there is a small hand crank that is operator driven in order to run up the ink on the roller system periodically. It is not something that will impair print quality, but it can slow you down a bit.
Ther is also no foot pedal for the grippers. instead they open outomatically when the carriage approches the feedboad, and the paper must be fed in at that point. it could affect registration, but overall i have heard of people getting fine results on the #3.
Good luck

Thank you for the quick responses. Just what I was thinking in regards to the grippers and non-motor inking. This press is across the country so if I buy it I would be taking a little risk, but there are a few other options I’m looking into. Your feedback helps in my decision, so thank you!

Karen, I’m in a very similar situation now…how did your No 3 turn out for you? Do I need a forklift to move it?