Babcock cylinder press

Prairiepapers mentioned on a thread that has just been closed that he/she would be interested in information on a Babcock cylinder press because he/she has one too.

We will be running a Babcock Country Reliance cylinder flatbed newspaper press on September 19and 20 in Mt. Pleasant, IA during the Great Northern Printer’s Fair. This press was built in 1900. We run this press off of a stationary steam engine but we can also run it via and electric motor if needed. We will be printing an 8-page newspaper on this press that weekend. We will be offering demonstrations and training on practically all of our equipment that weekend, so this might be the perfect opportunity to come and see a Babcock “in action” and hopefully learn a little something about it.

This event is listed on the Briar Press site. With a name like Prairiepapers I “assume” that you might be somewhat near in the Midwest?

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Nice thing! Please, make up some detail pictures of the process and publish somewhere. I would like to see that but can’t travel these days.