Spare parts ID

I have been sorting through some items that I received. I have some mystery parts. Please help me identify them.

image: IMG_6064.jpg


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The two items at the top of the photo are extension fingers which fit laterally on the grippers (frisket frame) of the press to assist in pulling the substrate away from the form on a platen press. They are pretty handy to have, but be careful they don’t fall in the way of your typeform.

The items midway down are roller supports which can be locked in the chase at the sides to support the rollers at the proper height. If the rollers are not keyed to the roller trucks, the supports keep the rollers turning at the proper speed prior to contacting the form, eliminating excess ink at the top or bottom of the form.

I can’t offhand identify the lower pieces. They may well be gripper fingers, but not like any I have seen or remember.

The bottom pieces look very similar to the tools we use to open the rear bale on our Kluges. The bent space at the left slips over the bale at the side and will give you leverage to open the bale easier.