Waterbased inks??


I’m a hobby printer pretty new to letterpress and wondered if there are any waterbased inks that can be used for letterpress with good results? Maybe getting water-based anything near these cast iron and steel beauties (I have a C&P Pilot) is completely taboo, and if so, please forgive me, but I have seen waterbased materials used in other ink applications and wondered if anyone had any experience with this.

So far I’ve only found the Speedball waterbased inks, and while clean up was much less of a headache and hassle (I made sure everything was VERY dry after cleanup) than using oils and solvents, the printed results are not very good.

Thoughts or suggestions?

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There are a few other water-based inks out there. If I’m not mistaken, Faust still makes a waterbased relief printing ink.

Personally, I’ve never had great results with water-based inks, but some of my printmaking compadres love it. My personal preferrence is for oil-based ink from Charbonnell.

Faust will send you a sample of their water clean-up ink if you will e-mail them and ask for one. I have used it for etchings and relief printmaking, but not on a letter press. It is a very nice ink, but not as stiff as the etching ink I usually use.

I love briarpress!

Winking Car Press, I read your other comment about Charbonnell and wanted to try it. Also, I saw your previous post about barn finds and I still have barn envy!

I will email Faust and ask for a sample today.

Thank you for your comments and suggestions.