Press manuals: parts, care, and instruction

(Editors note: Theses manuals have been disabled when bestweb was disconnected. They will be back in Briarpress V6.).

Many users have made inquiries about manuals for presses and other printing equipment. Some manuals are available in different places around the Internet, but finding them may not always be easy.

In response to these inquiries we have started a list of links to manuals and charts describing the parts and use of some of the more popular presses and equipment. Other instructional material is included. The list will be in alphabetical order so please use the contact form to send us other links to information that we can include.

At the moment we are concentrating on instructional manuals and are not listing trade catalogs that have historical interest, although we might include a section for these in the future.

If you have any manuals that you wish to scan and have downloaded from our site, feel free to send them to us. You will receive credit for your help.

Adana 5-3:

Adana 8-5:

Adana High-Speed No.1:
See chapter three of the manual below

Adana, Printing Made Easy - A Comprehensive Instruction Manual for Beginners:
(Courtesy of Thomas Gravemaker & Basil du Toit)

Adana Quarto:

Adana TP/48, Installing & operating instructions:
(Courtesy of Boxcar Press)

ATF Font Scheme:

Chandler & Price New series parts and list:
(Courtesy of Boxcar Press)

Chandler & Price New series oil chart:

Chandler & Price Pilot Press, instructions & parts:
(Courtesy of Dolce Press)

Chandler & Price, serial numbers & dates:

Elrods, serial numbers & dates

Filling Tubes and Small Cans with Ink:

Golding Improved Pearl parts and list:

Golding Jobber parts and list:

Golding Official parts, list, and use:

Golding Pearl 1 & 3, parts and list:

Hand miterer instructions:

Heidelberg instruction and parts:
(Courtesy of Boxcar Press)

Kelsey Excelsior basic parts:

See also detailed parts:

Kelsey Printer’s Guide, parts, use and care:

Miehle Vertical:
(Courtesy of Paul Woolley)

Model Printing Press:
(Courtesy of Google Book Search)

Moving an iron hand press:
(Courtesy of Bob Oldham)

Poco Proof Press:
Operating instructions at

Printer’s Hat:


Sigwalt Press Instruction Book And Catalog :

Type case layout - California Job Case:

See also the extensive diagrams of different type case layouts from the Alembic Press.

Type; identifying parts (ATF):

Type; tying a form or page (ATF):

Vandercook SP-15, operation, maintenance, parts:
(Courtesy of Boxcar Press)