Adams Press

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image: army.thumbnail.png

This press is now located in the Graphic Arts Department at Schreiner University, Kerrville, Texas. I acquired it from Jack Rittenhouse (now dec’d) of Stagecoach Press in 1960 and used it in my Waco Village Press shop. Jack said it was used during the Civil War as a military field press. I know of no way to authenticate that.

Have you verified that it is an Adams press? Cincinnati Type Foundry made an Army press that looks a lot like that, though I don’t have a picture of one other than Sterne’s on page 48 of his second edition, which I don’t think is totally representative.

I’m sure there is not a good way to verify its provenance since the previous owner has died, unless he told you who he got it from and you can trace that person. Even at that, not easy.

I think this is probably a photo of the Adam’s Cottage Press. There is some good information about all four different portable presses used during the Civil War on the following website: