Adana Eight Five

i am looking into buying a press for myself in order to make stationery and invitations. i am only looking at small runs of 200 or so and wouldn’t be printing more than 3-4 times a week. so the question is … would an adana eight five be good for me?

i am not a super newbie when it comes to printing, i have taken a couple of classes, but never the less venturing into my own press is scary. i don’t know much about the machinery itself, so i was wondering if anyone would mind sending a little advice my way.

also i am also going to be moving at least twice in the next four years and would prefer something light weight that i would be able to take with me.

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My personal opinion is that you would be best served by a lever press like the C&P pilot, Craftsmen Imperial or Superior, Golding Official, or a Sigwalt Ideal. The lever mechanism for making an impression will be less taxing on your body. All of these presses weigh 250# or less, and would be very suitable for short run printing.

In my opinion the adana is a very nice precision machine weighing in at a wopping 30 pounds….much easier to transport. I have owned all of the other presses, mentioned by boundstaffpress, and my personal favorite is the Adana line of presses. Why? 1) Parts are still available. 2) They are light weight presses. 3) Japan is making a new improved Adana for $4000….no one else is making the old cast iron presses today….and if someone did they would cost much more. 4) You can use either hand/arm….to make an impression….that way you don’t end up with a sore wrist or one bicep larger than the other.

Bingo! You probably can’t beat the Adana for portability combined with precision. I have many presses. I have one Adana (a Quatro) which serves very well for portability when volunteering to a little letterpress demonstration now and then.

i have found an adana that looks to be in good condition on ebay for around $800. is it worth it? apparently it comes with two sets of rollers, one new, two sets of carriage trucks and one type holding case …

and i do like the idea of being able to keep my biceps the same size wildmh “).

I have been using the Adana presses for a long time and have recently bought a revised Adana from Caslon in the UK. A perfect machine, easy to use and easy to transport. Ten days ago I demonstrated letterpress printing and transported the press, ink etc. in a taxi. Right now several machines are on sale on E-Bay UK. Get in touch for more information.

The Adana 8 x 5 is a very good choice of machine. I used mine for over twenty years solely as a means of producing personal stationery and invitations and still use it regularly. It never let me down.
They are readily available although some are beginning to show their age and neglect in their livery. However, they still print well.
Not too long ago I shipped an 8 x 5 plus type, and other equipment from the UK to Alameda. The total cost including air freight was less than $500.
If you need help in locating a machine, let me know.

Can the Adana 8 x 5 be used to print 5 x 7 invitations (plus bleeds) or should a bigger press need to be used?

The 8-5 will work well for that size impression, assuming good rollers.

Hi there, just bought an 8x5 adena and am wondering how to print the largest (how large can I print) and what base do you suggest? I’m using polymer plates thank you