Press Motors

I’m going to look at a press in the next couple of days and wanted to try to gather some information before hand. All I know about the press so far is- it is a 1907 Chandler & Price without a motor.

Can you buy motors for these presses? If so, are they difficult to find? Does anyone know how much they cost?

Any information would be helpful :)

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I don’t know about motors for C&Ps specifically, but you can buy a replacement motor for pretty much anything.

I recently replaced the inking motor on an Asbern proof press, found it on Grainger and paid just over $200.

I imagine you’re going to need a larger motor to power the C&P, but I’m sure someone here can give you the specs on theirs and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a good match. You’ll need to know RPMs and a couple other details.

Depending on how much you plan to print, a treadle might be a good option as well. Always wanted an Old Style with a treadle…maybe some day.

:) we did decide on a treadle. Thank you for the information.

Great to hear, glad it worked out!