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Is there a benefit for making your letterpress business a DBA right away? Is there a place where you can get wholesale pricing on supplies (ink, paper, rollers, etc.) if you have a official business license? Or is the best place to buy that stuff just on like boxcar and www.letterpresspaper.com? Thanks!

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If you are selling printed goods, a retail tax permit may be of value to you. Most wholesalers of paper will give you wholesale prices if you meet a minimum purchase no matter what your official status, but there could be a real benefit in not paying taxes on the materials you use. It would mean that you would have to charge, track and report sales tax (% varies with states, counties & municipalities). If you are doing business under a name other than your own, given name, the DBA may be necessary.

Guidance can usually be obtained free of charge at your local Small Business Administration office.

It depends on if you can take pallets of paper and cut down- if you can do then it might be helpful but I don’t think that they care if you are brittjfox and co or just brittjfox.

Letterpresspaper.com is just a branch of legion, which offers the same pricing for that quantity and the more you order the better pricing is.

Rollers pricing is going to be the same whether or not you are established as a business or not. Ink, I can’t imagine it’s different unless you are getting an extreme quantity. I would call up vanson and ask- especially if you need a starter pack of say 6+ cans, could they do a discount?

Hope that helps.

For wholesale pricing you usually need a resale card (at least here in California, obtained from the state Board of Equalization, after getting county DBA and business tax registration). Then when you buy paper and ink for resale, no sales tax is collected, and if the materials become part of the product sold to a customer, you don’t have to pay use tax on them. The customers are charged sales tax, or if you use they materials for yourself, you are liable for use tax when you file your tax statement. In recent years my plate supplier has been charging sales tax on raw plate material, even across state lines, so no benefit there.
It isn’t just about tax; a place like Kelly paper has lower prices for printers buying for resale, higher prices for walk-in buyers.

parallel-imp is right on the money. Every State has 2 Authorities. A Secretary of State were one registers his legal identity: Proprietor, DBA, LLC, Corp. The legal identity is like shield between your business and your private assets if properly maintained.

The resale Tax issue has nothing to do with you being a DBA or other, if you are a sole proprietor you can apply for resale status. Just keep in mind. Unlike the IRS, they don’t settle, so keep the books clean.