Hardwood floors

I might be moving into a new house which will not have a nice large studio in the backyard as I do now. My question is… the new house will have bamboo floors on top of a concrete slab… is this safe for a press to sit on? I have paid alot for these floors and I would rather not mess them up with lugging the press across them and sitting it on them.

Also, I would rather not have my press in the garage because I have an extra bedroom in the house that I was going to use for an office/studio with the press.

I have an 8x12 C&P new style.

Anybody keep their press on the ground floor on top of hardwood floors?

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I do not have my press on hardwood floors.. So these are just my problem solving ideas.. Perhaps you could get one of those rubber mats they sell to put under heavy exercise equipment? And when you are moving the press dont drag it across the bare floor of course to minimize the floor damage.


well the plan would be to lay down some paper or rugs to roll the press across probably on a palette jack… then put the press on a rug. the press is already on a decent palette, so the weight would be distributed.

thanks for the post.

i just want to make sure that the weight won’t harm the floors or crack them or anything. i know bamboo is some of the hardest wood flooring available, but i just want to make sure before i bring it in and my wife kicks me out because i damaged them.

A piece of plywood (or rubber mat) underneath the press is something you will need to keep the ink/oil/etc. off of your bamboo floor. You have a concrete slab under the bamboo, so weight distribution should not be a problem.

I’m not sure paper or rugs will do it.
This may be overkill but:
Get a roll of pink rosin paper and two 4x8 sheets of 7/16 OSB from Lowes, Home Depot or? Use them to make a path to the final location. Put the paper down the whole path and then roll the pallet jack on one piece of the OSB while moving the other sheet as needed. Inspect, clean and lubricate the pallet jack’s wheels before hand.
Prepare the final location by cutting one of the OSB sheets to fit the oil drip pan that you should put beneath the press’s pallet. Put 2-3 layers of rosin paper below the piece of OSB – more is better.

Thanks for the information! I was planning on just putting a thing piece of rubber/plastic, with a thin oriental rug over it for underneath the press since my wife is alot about asthetics if it is going IN the house… that should take care of any dripping of oil or ink or anything. I am not worried about staining the rug.

As for getting from entrance to room… it isn’t a long ways to go, but I will take all precautions necessary to make sure the floors don’t get damaged along the way.

Again, thanks for all the help… and please post up if you have any other pointers or info!