Please help me identify/review this Craftsmen Mach. Co. press.

Any assistance identifying this press and feedback on its quality would be greatly appreciated.

It’s a Craftsmen Mach. Co. and I’m told it’s 6”x10”. Not sure yet if it is cast-iron or aluminum or the model name. Is this a good press to restore? Also, what model is it?

My plan is to refurbish something like this until I find a good deal on a Pilot, Golding Official No. 4, Sigwalt or something similar.

Thanks in advance for your help.


image: 1f51491g0ZZZZZZZZZ89qda113760e6dd1cee.jpg


image: 1f914c139ZZZZZZZZZ89q9f97046587cc175a.jpg


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This press uses the same impression mechanism as the Golding and Sigwalt hand lever presses. I have a 4x6 version which is strong and easy to use, though the lever handle is not as comfortable to operate as the stirrup/ shovel handle of the Goldings and Sigwalts. The Craftsman has the same advantage also of not having the sides of the platen obstructed when closed so a very large sheet of paper can be printed, a portion at a time. If the price is reasonable this would be a good buy.

This press is called the Craftsmen Imperial. I believe the inside chase is 5 x 8. If the press is iron expect to pay between $150-300. If it is aluminum expect to pay $500+

Craftsmen made quality presses, and parts can still be found for them. Craftsmen is still in business, all be it not letterpress. They have an inventory of parts, but not everything.

Many people use this press, and are quite pleased with it. You’re right, it is not a pilot, but it is very viable for printing.

Thanks very much for your assistance! This will be very helpful in making me feel confident about this purchase.