Where to buy corner rounding die for old corner rounding machine

Hi all,

I have a great old foot-powered corner rounder. However, it came with only a 1/2” radius die. I am interested in either tracking down (or having fabricated) a 1/8” radius die.

Unfortunately, no markings exist on the corner rounder which would indicate the manufacturer (undoubtedly a good place to start.)

Does anyone know if the below corner rounding die is a standard type still manufactured somewhere? Any advice in tracking down a smaller radii die will be greatly appreciated! In NYC, if anyone has any local ideas.

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image: die.jpg


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Take some photos of the whole unit to help ID it. The ones I have seen are Lassco or CMC. I think Don Black Linecasting has replacement blades for both of those makers.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Hey Daniel,

You rock — thanks for the quick reply!

I’m attaching some images of the corner rounder in question, let me know if you can ID it. I think I’ve checked every nook and cranny for an identifying mark…

Thanks again so much,

PS. I know your neighbor Caiti!

image: cornerrounder3.jpg


image: cornerrounder2.jpg


image: cornerrounder1.jpg


Hey Kelli,
Nice to hear from you. Caiti mentioned that you were nearby. I think that is a Krause corner rounder. You should probably write to Craig at Don Black Linecasting to see about dies.


EDIT- Actually it is a Sterling Corner Rounder. I just found it in an old 1953 Western Newspaper Union catalog.

From the text: “Sterling Round Cornering Machine will corner up to a 1” lift of paper. The head is self-clamping and the knife cuts against a wooden cutting block. The volume of work produced is limited only by the ability of the operator.”

There were six different cutting dies available for the unit.

I love the “…The volume of work produced is limited only by the ability of the operator.” Sounds like an abnegation of responsibility for the machine’s performance. Although, it does work really well…

Thanks so much for ID-ing the mystery machine. I’m emailing around now.



Did you ever find replacement dies for your corner rounder? I’m considering buying one and I’m curious if finding parts for it will be difficult.

If you don’t mind my asking, what did you pay for the machine?


It was made by the Southworth Machine Company in Portland, Maine. Originally there was a round brass tag with the name Sterling and this info attached to the top side over the end of the shaft. You should see two tapped screw holes where it was. As long as you have one cutter for a sample, a machinist could make more with any radius you desire.

i have the same machine, it works really great.

I have the same corner rounder, except it’s hand-operated. You can find a parts diagram and list - including diagrams of the six knives made for it, at

(—uploaded by Dr. David MacMillan)

-Steve Saxe

image: ScreenHunter_92 Jun. 16 22.16.jpg

ScreenHunter_92 Jun. 16 22.16.jpg