Can anyone repair a tabletop press?

I got married this year and was disappointed to find out the Kelsey 5 x 8 I had purchased was a little off-level. No matter what me and my now husband did, if one side of the card had an impression, the other did not. Completely uneven. We adjusted until we were out of our minds. We gave up and I had to send my design out to get pressed. Meanwhile, my little sister (not that strong) then decides to try to move the press from the top of the table (not knowing how heavy it is) and obviously drops it on the ground. A piece broke off from the back of the chase which I think may have been missing a screw anyway. Is there ANYTHING I can do or is this press a lost cause? Let me know your thoughts….(much appreciated)

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Did a piece of the chase break off or a piece of the chase bed? The chase would be simple to replace… the chase bed, while a little harder to find a maybe a little more expensive, could be replaced as well.

How much printed area were you working with on your design? Keep in mind that the tabletop presses won’t be able to get an impression with a full chase of type or cuts. You’ll want to stay between 1/3 and 1/2 of the chase… if not less.

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You should speak to Alan Runfeldt. If you can afford it, your best bet would probably be to ship the press to them to be set up and repaired.

Daniel Morris
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Brooklyn, NY