Crane Lettra Paper

Does anyone know where I can find reasonable Crane Lettra 110# (300gsm) Cover Fluorescent White (22x30) paper for a GREAT price.

I need 16 - 18 PACKS of 100 sheets per carton, so about 1600 sheets of this paper - SOON.

Any ideas? Freight alone from is $400.00 since its coming from the West coast.

Any help would be great! Thanks!

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Where are you located and what price are you working with now?

can you buy it from the mill at cranes? They are in MA, and may ship it to you?

You don’t say how large a sheet you want, but the following seems to be true.

In your paper and color, 1000 sheets of 8.5” x 11” from Keldon costs $318.04. If you buy that exact amount of the same paper directly from Crane’s the cost is $320.00. From Crane’s the shipping is free if the order is over $75.

Go to and type “lettra” in the “search” field.

If you look at the 26 x 20 size it looks like Feldon is $155.88 for 100 sheets, where on Crane’s website it is only $123 and the shipping is still free. I happened to have bought 12 cases of this size about three weeks ago from Crane’s.