Heidelberg spotted in movie

Has anybody else seen the trailer to Will Smith’s new movie ‘Seven Pounds’? I saw it last night and spotted a Heidelberg in the background running in one of the scenes… I am curious how this plays a role in the movie… anybody know anything?

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Hi Willy,

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I think that part of it involves a woman who has a letterpress studio in her home, and Will Smith helps her by repairing her press. The production company used equipment and expertise from the International Printing Museum in Carson, California. Maybe someone who worked on the project can fill us in on the details.


I saw the press in the preview.

There was an audible gasp!

I might see the movie just because of it…

The Counterfeiters


there’s some oldstyles, table tops, and more
great true story as well

yup looks like a female part in the movie runs a studio. there’s plenty of other items in the scene too.

image: Picture4.jpg


There is also a Heidelberg Windmill in “The Goonies”

well I am a big fan of will smith so I will be seeing the movie but the press is a bonus

Hello all, here at the International Printing Museum in Carson, CA, we are thrilled that our Heidelberg will be up on the big screen in Seven Pounds opening December 19th. Read our Director and Curator’s article at


Come see the press itself on any Saturday 10am-4pm.

If you are a Southern California letterpress printer or enthusiast, our staff and docents at the museum are going to see the movie as a group to celebrate. You’re welcome to join us. Email Rachelle W. Chuang at [email protected] for details.

Rich Tautanhahn and Gary Marc Remson, technical consultants on the film “Seven Pounds” are teaching letterpress classes at the museum in 2009. Rich is teaching a Windmill class Jan. 24-25. See printmuseum.org for details.

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If you saw John Voight in “The Odessa File”, that was a 13X18 windmill that was turned on during the fight scene that took place in a print shop. The villain finally fell, and was impaled by the gripper arm.

Don’t try this at home, kids!

… In “Enemy At The Gates” (2001) there are extensive shots of children carefully working a desk top model. What is it they were working with? Is it historically accurate?

In “Captains Courageous” (1937) there’s a couple short clips of school children publishing a newsletter on… I couldn’t quite make it out. The clips are so short, it’s hard to tell.

My wife and I just got back from watching it and there were two beautiful machines in the film. The female character even fires up the machine and prints a sample…that was the only disappointing part in the movie.

She put in a blank piece of paper and after one impression pulled out a 4 color image with a gradient.

My wife and I just looked at each other and shook our heads. Other than that, it was a great movie.

Apparently the owner of the press from 7 pounds is Craig at Don Black’s shop in Toronto

Hmmm! Rachelle Chuang said that the press was borrowed from the International Printing Museum in Carson, CA for the movie. I suspect the movie was more likely filmed in CA vs. Tonoto, Canada. Did Craig obtain the press after the movie was filmed????

John Barrett visited the Museum in Carson last month, and said he printed something on that press during his visit - apparently the press is still on display. I think this is a misunderstanding of some sort.

Bill Whitley

in review, I’m going to have to agree with Foolproof - likely what I was told was that the press I saw was “the same as” the one in the movie….it must be my mistake - oops.

In Richard’s Windmill workshop late last year, there was a couple taking the class who said that they had purchased the press. I believe they were Flybird Press from San Francisco.

Lee Jay