What is this Pantone color?

I’m trying to mix a pantone color that I will print with. The color is Pantone Or. 021. That’s what it says on my color guide. I know that is orange, but is that a basic orange or a specific one? I’m still in the process of buying ink……and just want to make sure i get the right one!

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Pantone Orange 021 is one of the dozen or so Pantone basic colors, just like Pantone Yellow, Warm Red, and so on. My understanding is that the “0” basic colors, which were new to the system a decade or so ago, are mainly colors created using more fade-resistant pigments. 072 Blue, for instance, is very close to Reflex Blue, and most mixes would use Reflex rather than 072. What color are you mixing?

Dave (the Ink in Tubes guy, who probably has 021 somewhere)


It’s 727U or 728U… the pantone guide “recipe” calls for Or. 021, Black, and Transparent White.

Yeah, dave is right, it is simply one of the mixing colors in the Pantone system. You will want to get a can for the time when it pops up in a recipe. Like now.

As it happens, I have a color called Tahoe Suede Tan, already in 1/4-lb. tubes, that is very close to the color you’re looking for; or you could mix PMS 465 or 466, also close, using Rubine Red, Pantone Yellow, and (interestingly) Process Blue, plus white; or I can supply the white, black, and probably 021 Orange in tubes, if you don’t want to buy a whole can of 021 Orange (which might take quite a while to use!)