Question about trucks

I have never had to replace the rollers that came with my press but I am buying new ones and thought perhaps I should replace the trucks as well. Is this a good idea? (I have a C&P 8x12”)

If so, what kind are best. I see over at NA Graphics they have the Delrin and the Morgan Expansion Trucks but not really sure what the difference is. I also see replacement rubbers listed for the Morgans and am wondering what those are for, if they are needed and if they would also work with the Delrin’s if I choose those.


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Morgan Expansion trucks are metal trucks with rubber tires that can be adjusted to different heights. Derlin trucks are a plastic set up for the standard diameter of the rollers. They are a replacement for solid metal trucks. What type of trucks do you have now? Have you had to use tape on the trucks or the rails?

right now they are metal but do not have rubber on them. and i do have to tape up the rails.

It sounds like right now you have the standard steel trucks. If you aren’t having any problems with your trucks then I would keep them—it would cost ~$75 to replace them.

If they are damaged (flat spots) or the wrong diameter for your new rollers I’d recommend the Delrin trucks. The expansion trucks are hard to come by and can be tricky to adjust. I don’t believe they were ever really intended to compensate for worn rails, but instead for composition rollers which expand and contract based on temperature and humidity. Delrin trucks are tough, quiet, and NA Graphics has them on hand. You’ll have to keep taping your rails—and NA Graphics sells a tape for this purpose.

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i think i will just replace the rollers at the moment and take it from there. my trucks don’t appear to have any flat spots but is there some way to tell for sure?

as for rollers, any preferences between the rubber and the vinylith ones? i have rubber at the moment.

Flat spots would be evident when you rolled the truck between your fingers. They would also likely introduce some slurring on your forms when printing. If you’ve been printing without troubles then your trucks should be fine.

Stick with rubber if it’s what you have. I have heard both positives and negatives about the vinylith, but always had great success with rubber.