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The Kelsey Star is bolted together...1 Sep
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There was a Favorite tabletop platen...23 Jul
As far as I know, Multigraph is fine....3 Jun
The long pencil like wooden pieces...31 May
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American Printing Equipment has new...10 Apr
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Hi Paul, I have one you can borrow....4 Dec
What is a top-up?8 Nov
Do you know the chase size or any other...31 Oct
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Is your Sigwalt a front lever press or...10 Oct
I have one for sale $25.00 including...5 Sep
You people are a lot smarter and have...4 Aug
Mine also has: - throw-off lever -...31 Jul
The Treadle does say C&P. It is off of...29 Jul
How many do you need? Do you need the...29 Jul
The press is a Sigwalt No. 10. The red...26 Jul
Does the guard have to be over the...22 May
I have a small printing museum 1 hour...29 Mar
If you are old and slow like me, you...12 Apr
Here is what the AWT Type Sorter looks...5 Apr
They are for a Hohner. I believe the...14 Mar
It is the Model Press Co. Paul17 Feb
Hi Nancy. Where are you located? I...17 Jan
Hello Richard, I sent you an email...3 Jan
Hi Jim, Yes, these are display...2 Jan
Where are you located?23 Nov
NA Graphics has all these parts for...19 Aug
Hello, In the 1st photo, the part is...3 Jul