New to Industry - missing ink plate

Hello, just got into letterpressing and all my knowledge I’ve gathered from this amazing community.

I bought my first press (Kelsey 3x5) and it’s in need of restoration. However what’s most important is that I find an ink plate which it did not come with. Anyone know where I can purchase or if it’s possible to make one with the right tools.

Thank you so much in advance.

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What model Kelsey 3 x 5?


I have a Kelsey Exselsior at another location that I may be parting out. I will have more details next week. Feel free to contact me direct at 516-633-5107.
Larry Lionetti

If your runs are going to be extremely short, one can get an
engineering friend to weld up a disc and a post of suitable diameter, BUT this won’t turn automatically, and will need turning with a finger - which will get inky - almost every pull.
I’ve seen this in an artists studio, who only wanted a dozen or so of each job. Bodge-Ho is my motto!

You need a Kelsey Ink Plate or “Disc” as I call ‘em for your 3x5 I will also check my “junk heap” for a Disc. Meanwhile maybe a pic or two of your press for Briar Press members to take a look at. Do you have the chase (type frame)? Ink rollers? etc…

Hello! Yes, it is missing a couple more things than just the disc. Here some pics from the seller. Thank you for the response.

image: 6245C71A-61DE-4BDD-957D-F6180151F35A.jpeg


Here is a top view.

image: EB5895A8-78C4-4A06-BE37-BD66C6F80092.jpeg


Here’s someone that has cast ink discs for the Excelsior…
Hope this helps.

lucyramirez, where are you located? It looks like you might be a few steps from printing on the machine you just acquired, as you say.

I have a suggestion: you might find it useful to get to know the local or even regional letterpress community. In doing that, you can learn a bit about the processes of printing while (or before) you start purchasing replacement parts to complete that press. Many printers share their knowledge in more formal workshops and classes for tuition fees, and they would be great resources for a new printer too as well as a good entry point to the printing community in the region.

A community of printers will also have better resources than, say, eBay for locating press parts. Those printers will sometimes be more generous than the auction market for replacement Kelsey parts if you’re lucky too.

The three parts you seem to be missing are are worth approximately $300. The ink disk, the chase base and a chase. You ought to consider buying a complete press. Ask for help…. before you buy . Best of luck finding each of these parts… sadly, it is unlikely.
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