Max sheet size for Kluge 12x18

Will I be able to feed a sheet 12 1/2 X 19 or 13 X 20 for die cutting on a 12 x 18 Kluge? What is the max size for good feed & delivery on a Kluge 12 x 18?
Thanx, Larry B. [email protected]

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Hi Larry,
This is something I know all too well.
I used my 12X18 C&P for die cutting for years. It came from Rogers Chocolates box factory.
If your Kluge is Hand fed you can do it 2 ways. Use your over size die plate. adhere a piece of stainless large enough to register your sheet on your platen. Make sure your hold downs are going to function properly or remove them and make a couple out of some heavy card stock.
You might have to play with it but it does work. A die can be bolted right on to the press no chase required. I have never done it but it can be done. A bit of a pain for packing behind the die.
The other is to cut in two passes. Register carefully. And if the sheet is to big Feed with the clutch out then when registered to you satisfaction clutch in and remove clutch out register and clutch in. It’s ok

I had 2 C&P s 12x18 they are rated to run 13x19 they are very similar to Kluges.Mine were later converted to die cut and foil stamp hand fed. With ink arms removed we were able to crease 4 panel folders 25 x12. Also using stainless steel plates 13.25 x20.5 as die jacket ,drill and tap bed to bolt die to press makeredy is done under cutting plate.