Fonts for polymer

I’ve read Gerald Lange’s Printing digital type…

My question is: Are there any digital fonts that I may already have (standard mac fonts) that work best in poloymer without having to manipulate them in fontlab. This would be primarily for text sizes but would like something for general use I could reproduce anywhere from 8pt. to 72pt.

He also mentions some companies that designed some faces at large sizes and work well for letterpress down to 18pt. but doesn’t say which faces.(pg. 14)

He mentions Rialto designed for letterpress, but I couldn’t find it for sale?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Thomas and Arie

This is what the Rialto typeface looks like

The manufacturer is dfTYPE is Austria, you have to contact them directly. Price for the font is over $600, which is not atypical of many of the higher end European digital fonts. Somehow they managed to avoid US practices in pricing (the all fonts are the same mentality).


I’m a newbie also and just now reading through Gerald’s excellent book (the only current book it seems) on photopolymer plates (PP).

On pages 14-15 Gerald talks about scaling issues, etc. of digital type.

My question:
(a) When shopping for digital type, is there some term or symbol used to indicate that the digital type has been designed to be “letterpress-friendly” ?

(b) Is there a published list somewhere of digital type that are known to have been designed (and proven) to work great on letterpress?

(c) Question for Gerald: any plans on expanding this book into a larger book that covers topics in-depth, use in platen presses, with diagrams/pictures, etc. etc.?



a) No.

b) No. But there was the start of one over at PPLetterpress a while back. It was deleted when no one else bothered to contribute.

c) The monograph went into its fourth edition this January. It has now been in print for near 12 years. No plans to expand or even reprint after this current edition runs its course.


Thanks Gerald.