Looking for Training in NE Ohio

Hi, all! If anyone knows of any classes, workshops, or kindly printers with lots of patience who might like to tutor a total newbie on letterpress, please let me know. I’m located in Akron, but, with the help of mapquest can usually manage to get myself (eventually) to surrounding counties. I have an Adana 8x5 and no clue what to do with it.

I am but a humble librarian by day, but would, of course, be willing to compensate said kindly printer for his/her time.

Thanks for any help!

ETA: I should add, just as an fyi, that for the time being, I will have to use a brayer to apply ink as my press is missing the ink disc.

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Welcome to letterpress.
I have been enjoying hobby printing for more thatn 30 years. I live 30 miles north of Pittsburgh PA, not far from Akron. I have had many people from Briar press come to my shop for school. You may call me at 724-601-9230. You can see some of my equipment at www.portersvillesteamshow.homestead.com
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Wayne Young

Thank you so much, Wayne! What day and time would be better to call?


Best time to call is between 5 and 9 pm during week days and anytime during the weekend. Looking forward to talking to you.

Hi Lyndyn,
It’s good to see someone new going into letterpress. I live and work in Cleveland. The Cleveland institute of Art offers letterpress instruction in their Book Arts program. And A friend told me that Kent State University also offers letterpress classes. Wishing you the best of luck.