Arlington, Virginia

I would love to connect with other people interested in the art of letterpress. I am looking for classes, workshops and/or apprenticeships in or near Arlington, Virginia. Please let me know if you have any leads.
Thank you.

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I’m in Alexandria, though presses, type and other letterpress equipment except reference books are in Texas, as I’m moving sometime soon.

Take a look at:
I’ve never met them, but they offer workshops in Alexandria on a pilot, which is a great way to get started.
They provide an open studio with a couple of Vandercooks, a C&P, some type, and ancillary equipment. They also offer workshops. Again, I’ve never seen the facility.

We also have some others in the area, like Typecast Press in Baltimore and

If you are extremely ambitious, and have a lot of time and money, you can cast your own type, and there are a few near here like Rich Hopkins in WV and Stan Nelson in MD who do.

And I will be around for the next couple months as well, though I could be considered a hobbyist and amateur historian at best.

Edit: I guess MKdeR beat me to the punch, inefficient multitasker that I am.

Thanks, DBurnette and MKdeR for your replies.

I’m actually taking a workshop tomorrow - I’d be delighted to meet you sometime if you’re around - maybe we could start a group near Arlington?

Thank you again for your responses.