Adams Army (or Field, or Cottage) Press

I’m helping a student write a research paper on this press (top photo in BP/museum/presses/other) which we have active in our Graphic Arts Dept. Info and accurate identification seems scarce. I have the Ringwalt entries, the patent papers, and a few mentions of the press here and there. I bought the press from Jack Rittenhouse in about 1960. Anyone know where he got it? Any sources or personal experience with this press will be appreciated.

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The press in question is indeed an Adams Cottage Press patented March 19, 1861. I know of only three other originals. Steve Pratt in Utah has made some reproductions. Adams Press Company was at 31 Park Row St. in NYC. The Press was made in four sizes:
No. 1 - no size given
No. 2 - 5 x 8 - $12.00
No. 3 - 7 x 10 - $18.00
No. 4 - 12 x 18 - $25.00

All this information from a four-page circular in my possession. If you would like a scan of this circular, contact me.

And … Steve Saxe wrote an article for the AHPA Newsletter (No. 90, July?Aug., 1989) about field presses.

John—My memory about the size of the press was wrong.
It is a No. 4, 12” x 18”.