Kluge locked up NEED HELP

I’ve got a kluge that was working just fine one day till half way through a job and the thing just stopped in the closed position. First i thought it pulled a couple sheets down in there and locked it up. But after a little struggling i finally got the press in the open position. It was only one sheet down in there. But it was still really hard to turn the wheel on the side of the press. So i oiled every thing really good and started it back up. It ran 5-10 sheets like it suppose to and it locked back up. Somebody I know said it was the pump on the kluge causing it. So i crawled under that greasy thing and took the pump off. But the wheel was still hard to turn. This is all new to me. I just run the things. I’ve got 70,000 more sheets to run and im running outa ideas and time. If yall can help i would really appreciate it. Thanks

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sounds like either a side arm or main shaft is froze. possibly the main gear roller. check for side to side free play at the gear end of each arm. this can be done by loosening the big washer and bolt holding it on. the main shaft should have alittle side/side play in it also. have someone turn the press SLOWLY over by hand and check the groove in the main gear (the big one) there is a raceway there. make sure you did not miss this oiling point for the roller. it is easy to overlook. i oil the crap outta the thing then either wire it to do so by power, or turn over by hand but go BACKWARDS until it loosens up. there is a lack of oil someplace here so you need to find it and be sure. the problem will only get worse until the problem is found.

Thank you for the reply. That was the problem. Thanks again

just to follow up… good for you! to find the prob. it is not a bad idea to, once finding the dry bushing to “force feed” it oil. i do this by oiling full (the oiling point) then use a pressure air gun with rubber cone on the end to push the crap out. dissassembly is the best with thourough cleaning. but you can flush these bushings if done repeatedly. one oil fill one rotation of the press. you can’t do this too many times. get the crap out of there until oil runs clean.
if the problem was the race way, AGAIN SLOWLY have someone turn the press over while you use a rag to clean the race way out. you should do this periodically anyways,,, but this is one VERY VERY unforgiving pinch point so PLEASE be careful

Thanks again for your help. You have really got me outa this bind.