Deeper impression

While I realize that a Kelsey 5x8 will never give me the same impression as a floor press, I have to ask: are there any tricks to getting a decent bite out of the paper? I’ve tried steaming the paper, but it doesn’t do me much good. Do you recommend any specific paper to use? Any help would be appreciated.

Stephanie :0)

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What paper are you using? Try a soft paper and a hard packing.

dicharry is right…. the key to deep impression is softer paper and harder packing. To soften the paper further you can also dampen it. This is a technique that we’ve discussed here at length….. so you can read all about it.

As far as the Kelsey goes, it will do excellent deep-impression work if you use it right. There are several web-sites that show great deep-impression work on presses just like yours.